Long Term Relationships are our Goal 






We pledge to provide and ensure all eligible members of CRANE GULF FEDERAL CREDIT UNION personal, convenient, courteous, confidential and professional service in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. We will focus on responding to the demands of an ever-changing economy, as well as providing continuous improvement in reaching "complete member satisfaction in order to help you with choosing to go offshore with your bank account " while perpetuating the credit union philosophy of cooperative ownership, democratic principles, and service to the members in the best investment accounting practices. This will be achieved by adhering to sound management policies, a professional code of ethics, and sound judgment which will best serve the interests of this credit union as a whole, as well as the interests of the individual member. To our corporate members we are offering the services of QCB, so our partners can always keep their business going.

Coloring Contest Rules

There are two groups with their own picture to color:  7 and under, 8 and over.  You can come by the office and get one, or print it straight from the links below.

*  Winner of each group will win a bicycle.  2nd place winners will be awarded $25.  Two other entrants will win $10 each.