MASTERCARD® SecureCode now  available.  

It Will Be Even Safer to Shop Online

The Internet has not only brought a world of opportunities for merchants and shoppers, but also the need for stronger security measures.  As a consumer, you want to know that your online purchases are secure.  But you also want the ordering process to be easy.  To help protect you when you are making purchases over the Internet, Crane Gulf Federal Credit Union is enrolling all of its members’ MasterCard cards in MasterCard SecureCode.    

MasterCard SecureCode is designed to give Crane Gulf Federal Credit Union’s Internet shoppers more protection and greater control when using their cards.  Whenever your card is used at a participating online store, you will be asked for your personal password to verify that you authorize the purchase.  This password helps protect your credit cards against unauthorized use.

You must complete your registration before making a purchase at any participating merchant website.  To sign up, just start shopping.  When you are ready to check out at a participating merchant, you will be given the opportunity to register.  A window displaying the MasterCard SecureCode logo and the Crane Gulf Federal Credit Union logo will open.  Just enter your account details at this secure site and create your password to complete the transaction.  It’s that easy!  Entering your MasterCard SecureCode password helps protect you anytime you purchase from a participating merchant.  Cardholders can also register.

Once you activate your card, simply shop like normal - and your MasterCard card number is automatically recognized at checkout.  When you submit an order at a participating online store, the MasterCard SecureCode window will appear.  Simply enter your password, click submit, and you're done.  The process takes just a few seconds and is as simple as signing a sales receipt at the cash register. MasterCard SecureCode is a portable solution, so cardholders are protected whether they shop on the Web from work or at home.

Crane Gulf Federal  Credit Union has already enrolled your card in MasterCard SecureCode at no cost to you.  So all you have to do is complete your registration the next time you shop at a participating merchant.  Once you register your card, no one else can use your SecureCode card number at a participating online store without your personal password.  Remember, you can always help maintain the security of your information by keeping your password and other personal identifying information confidential.