The Annual Percentage Rate will hereinafer be referred to as APR.

New Car
 6.0%  to 12.0% APR

100% financing

Used Car (varies with age)
6.0% to 12.0% APR

100% financing

RV, boats, travel trailers
7.0% - 15.0% APR May require a down  payment
Motorcycles (new, used)
7.0%  - 15.0% APR

May require a down  payment

Verified loan rates on collateralized loans may be matched by the credit union.

The terms that will be offered to you are set based on information from a consumer reporting agency, Experian. 


Share/Share Certificate

2.5% APR above rate being paid on 6-month Certificates of Deposit (Index) on the date of the advance, rounded to the next higher 1/4%. If there is an existing balance on the date of the new advance, the existing balance will be added to the new advance and the entire balance will be at the new APR. 

Quick Cash

Rates  from 9.0% APR to 18.0% APR, based on credit score. Payouts vary with product from 6 months to 3 years.  This may be a renewable line of credit. 
9.0% - 18.0% APR

Up to 30% of annual income maximum

9.0% -15.0% APR

Maximum - $10,000


More information is available if you call the credit union. Rates are subject to change without notice. Payout terms may vary with value. Down payments may vary with credit history.

All loans, except share loans,  are priced according to credit bureau rating.

Special loans are signature loans and are subject to signature availability as well as credit worthiness. Special rates apply only to new money loaned, not for refinanced amounts.